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Let Love Grow

Flowers are like rainbows in our life. It's a gift from the nature.

Get some floral care tips and enjoy the blossoming moment with the nature.

Thanks for helping to take care of our little cutepies. =)

Self-watering Plant Pot

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​兩層設計 不會漏水





mini self watering pot.jpg








其實很多時,生與死未必能到我們控制,植物帶給我們快樂,它跟自己有緣分,讓我們快樂,已完成了它的任務,同時和我們一起成長過。 這也是Passionature工匠們的理念,喜歡和植物在一起的時光,並把這份愛分享給別人。Cherish the life blooming moment! 希望你們喜歡  !=)

Two-layer design 

mini self watering pot.jpg

​This self watering pot consists of 2 layers, it can avoid water-leaking issue.

Shade-tolerant Plants​

The plants are relatively shade-tolerant. Do not grow under direct sunlight but indirect sunlight or simply indoors with good ventilation.

Regular Watering

Water your plant when there is a lack of water inside the water-storing layer, i.e. the white outer pot.

Water your plant until there is excess water leaking downwards to the water-storing layer from the bottom holes of the black inner pot.

Check the water level and repeat the above procedures. Spray the plant during hot days to keep it moisture.

Once the water-storing layer is empty without water, do not water again immediately. Wait 1-2 days to allow the roots to enjoy a drought period. This can help the plant grow and avoid rotten root from soaking inside water for too long.

Fertilizer Application

​Apply fertilizer regularly and use according to instructions.

Feel free to prune your plant if overgrown.

Happy planting! Enjoy the pleasure from the mother of nature.

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